Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quartz Stone Carpets like to walk on?

The flat even textured surface of a Quartz Stone Carpet is extremely pleasant to walk on. The texture also provides slip resistance whether wet or dry.

The open structure of the floor allows air to circulate through the pores. This creates the effect of a pleasantly warm and soft sensation similar to a carpet.


What can a Quartz Stone Carpet be laid onto?

A Quartz Stone Carpet can be laid directly onto concrete, metal, wood and even existing tiles. It is an ideal solution for covering uneven floors and broken or cracked tiles.


How do you clean a Quartz Stone Carpet?

Simply treat your Quartz Stone Carpet as you would a traditional carpet, with regular vacuuming. Accidental spills can be soaked up using a sponge or kitchen roll and cleaned using a brush dipped in water with any household floor cleaner.

It is recommended that your floor is given a thorough clean every 6-12 months using a water vacuum cleaner. Steam cleaners should not be used.


Are Quartz Stone Carpet Pet Friendly?

Quartz Stone Carpets are extremely pet friendly – not only do they eliminate wet and mucky paw prints on your floor, they are scratch resistant. This flooring is also ideal for pets as they cannot slip therefore eliminating strain on hips and joints.


Can a Quartz Stone Carpet be used with underfloor heating?

A Quartz Stone Carpet is ideal for use with underfloor heating. Your floor will also retain the warmth for a while after your heating has been turned off.


Are Quartz Stone Carpets environmentally friendly?

The stone used in our floors come from renewable resources which gives us a low carbon footprint.


How long does installation take?

It takes a few hours to complete an average size kitchen. You then have to stay off the floor for approx 12-24 hours depending on temperature.


Can you add a design?

There is a never ending colour palette of stone colours and colour mixes available. We can incorporate borders, designs, logos or lettering. We can even incorporate glitters to give your floor some extra bling.


What is the thickness of a Quartz Stone Carpet?

The thickness of the floor is dependent on the size of the stone particles used. A standard 2-3mm stone will have a thickness of approx 8mm. 3-4mm will be approx 11mm.


Can a Quartz Stone Carpet be sealed?

A true stone carpet has the low maintenance technology of the open pore system. If however you require the floor to be sealed we can do this using a specially designed pore filler.