About Us

Quartz Stone carpet creates an even textured, attractive finish, in a wide range of natural or coloured stones. It can be used in your living room, dining room, hall, kitchen, bathroom or conservatory. It can also be used externally around swimming pools, hot tubs, on balconies and even your patio.

Quartz Stone Carpet flooring is composed of thousands of small, rounded stones, bound in resin, professionally fitted by our trained specialists to form a seamless covering which contours around awkward shapes and pipes.

Quartz stone carpet has a similar appearance to a traditional carpet and has so many unique features it is simply unrivalled by any other floor type.

Tiles wood and vinyl can be easily damaged; they can be cold, slippery when wet and can also be difficult to keep clean as dust and dirt sits on the surface. Traditional fibre carpets eliminate some of these problems, but then you find they’re not as durable.  Indentations are left by furniture, the pile flattens and you get colour shading.  With a traditional carpet dirt cuts into the fibres with every step, pivot and turn on the carpet surface making it dull in appearance – even after restorative cleaning.

Did you know that only 60% of the dirt that falls into a fibre carpet can be removed with daily vacuuming?


So why are Quartz Stone Carpets Different?

Stone carpets are relatively new to the UK but have been used throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe for over 25 years. This flooring system has been designed to be a low maintenance with a semi-porous structure that allows dust and dirt to pass through away from the surface of the floor where it is held until you vacuum allowing the floor to keep its pristine appearance.  This structure also makes it ideal for anyone who suffers with dust allergies.

The same principal applies for wet areas.  When stepping out of the shower we create puddles of water.  This water on ceramic, vinyl or wood, unless mopped up immediately, will sit on the surface of the floor and can take hours to evaporate.  With Quartz Stone Carpet the water disperses through the pores spreading out through the surface channels which increase the speed of natural evaporation.


Key Features

  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Highly decorative, Textured appearance
  • Reflects natural light, brightening room
  • Unique ability to hold the warmth of the room
  • Extremely pleasant to walk on
  • Keeps its pristine appearance
  • Will never show signs of wear
  • Slip resistant, whether wet or dry
  • Suitable for dust and mite allergy sufferers
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating
  • Extremely pet friendly – no more mucky paw prints